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Care home Cleaning Keighley

When it comes to our residential care home and nursing home cleaning in Keighley, we ensure all individual cleaning schedules are produced to record all areas treated with our healthcare deep cleaning. These are produced in accordance with your care home cleaning specifications/requirements. The management team for care home and nursing home cleaning in Keighley will complete regular on site checks to ensure our fully trained nursing hiome cleaners are following expected standards and the latest cleaning systems will be utilised to ensure your care home cleaning in Keighley is maximised to the full.

We guarantee that with our care home cleaning schedule, when the time comes for a CQC inspection, you will be rated outstanding for outcome 8 – “cleanliness and infection control”. A healthcare cleaning centre schedule will be created and tailored to your practices individual needs, working in line with infection control guidelines and colour coding schemes, the result will be a shared responsibility for infection control, cleanliness and patient safety.

The risk of cross infection is removed by restricting consumables such as mops, cloths, towelling and wipes to specific zones. Once used they are disposed of to effectively control any potential infections.

Our Crewe care home and nursing home cleaning service will run seamlessly in the back ground and will be tailored to suit your requirements. The units we clean in Harley Street have very different requirements to the standard we would give a residential care home in Keighley and as such our service is modified to respond to those needs.

Types of Care Home and Nursing Home Cleaning Keighley

As mentioned, we offer specialist residential care home cleaning services in Keighley. We are your expert care home cleaning contractors and we are also highly specialist cleaners for Hospitals, Dental Clinics, GP Surgeries and Private Medical Clinics in Keighley.

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What we can do for you

WHAT ClearTrace OFFER:

1. Extensive knowledge and expertise in residential care home and nursing home cleaning.

2. All relevant documentation for your care home cleaning service in Keighley is provided with regular audits carried out

3. A fully comprehensive care home and nursing home cleaning scheduled tailored to your needs

4. Fully trained, experienced and insured care home cleaning staff

What this Means for You

Peace of mind that all your care home or nursing home deep cleaning is taken care of and you are fully compliant with CQC guidelines and legislation

A guarantee that when the CQC visit your premises you will be rated ‘outstanding’ for outcome 8 and all paperwork is readily available

Daily, weekly and monthly medical cleans including additional deep cleans all for a set price – no surprises and no disruption to your business and patients

All expected standards and policies are adhered to at all times, we can give you advice where needed and help with other requirements if needed

Less time worrying about cleaning and infection control meaning more time to provide care and support to patients

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