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Outbreak and Incident Response

At ClearTrace, we can help with the management and deep clinical clean requirements following a virus or disease outbreak or incident.

Using our expertise and experience in the medical cleaning field we are able to provide full support for a range of residential health care facilities such as:

    Care Homes



    Secure Medical Facilities

    Mobile Medical Facilities

    Any other facility which provides a service within the healthcare sector

We will work alongside you from the moment an outbreak or incident is confirmed to ensure that your facilities are clinically cleaned to the highest standard as fast as possible, leaving you to complete the rest of your outbreak plan, reporting and decision making.

How can we help you?

From the moment you call requiring our help we will start planning our deep clinical clean using the following process:

    Carrying out risk and cleaning assessments based on your requirements

    Attend with fully trained personnel with all cleaning materials, chemicals and PPE required as soon as possible – we only use the highest grade of cleaning chemicals

    Carry out a fully comprehensive deep clinical clean including the option of using a certified safe to use compact mobile disinfection unit to further prevent the spread or recurrance of the virus or disease. We can also provide a swabbing service both prior to and following our cleaning to further prove that your facility is clean and safe to reopen

    Fully audit the clean using our in-house auditing system, these results can then be passed on to the relevant authorities and using in external inspections, using 3M swabbing technology we can also provide the results to anyone who you instruct

    Provide information regarding our services to any Local Authorities, Environmental Health Teams, Health Protection Teams and to your own Outbreak Control Team

    Provide you with all the relevant paperwork including environmental clinical clean certificates so you can protect the public and resume normal service as soon as possible.

All of our cleaning services are created using advice from Infection Prevention and Control Specialists, Local Authority Teams, The Department of Health and take into account CQC guidelines, the Code of Practice on the Prevention and Control of Infections under The Health and Social Care Act (2008) and the National Specifications for Cleanliness so you can be assured that the service you receive will always be of the highest quality.

We are currently working alongside Lancaster University’s Health Hub and Management School to create best practices in infection control and management with regards to clinical cleaning, auditing and outbreak response. This means that you can be sure we will always be ahead of the industry when creating plans, policies and cleaning procedures. This partnership enables us to be constantly striving for improvement and able to offer new services to our clients.

We will work alongside your Outbreak Control Team in producing a convenient plan creating as little disruption as possible to your service whilst remaining cost effective. As plans can be put into place prior to an outbreak or incident occurring we can cut the time and the cost of resolving your deep cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting issues leaving you to ensure the smooth reopening of your facility.

We can provide cleaning personnel to national locations with our mobile teams at short notice and within unsociable hours as we appreciate that when an outbreak or incident occurs it may not be at the most convenient time.

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