Research & Development

Only by continuous research and development can we be the best we can be for you, allowing you to be the best you can be for your clients.

This is why we work in partnership with Lancaster University’s health hub and our private and public sector client,s to not only stay abreast of any developments in our field but also to lead in hygiene management in the clinical environment.

Our aim, and the reason for the project, is to develop a Best Practice in the cleaning and deep cleaning of operating theatres, Intensive Care Units (ITC) and other high risk of infection areas and the associated infection control using evidence based methods.

After consultation with Dr Steve Milan, Project Development Manager, Faculty of Health and Medicine at Lancaster University a collaborative research initiative was created between Clear-Trace and Lancaster University’s Health Hub. By working with NHS trusts and the private sector we are investigating what is currently being done in this field and developing an evidence-based infection prevention and control practice. We currently have two NHS hospitals pleased to work with us but to get as much information as possible would ideally like one or two more partners to build a strong project. If you feel you, or your organisation, would like to take part in the project please contact us using our Contact Us page or email

lancaster university health hub“Lancaster University’s Healthcare Business Connect (HBCL) Programme has worked with Adam Murfitt and ClearTrace for the last 6 months. In that time we have found ClearTrace to be an innovative and forward thinking organisation led with determination and passion by Adam Murfitt.
Their integration of training, cleaning agents, detection and mobile monitoring systems provides the managers at their clients with a dashboard to monitor, with unprecedented accuracy, the infection control status of their fleet or machinery. 
This “Beyond Clean” approach will ensure a reduction in care setting acquired infection saving both money and lives. 
We have no hesitation in recommending them for an Award in the Patient Safety Innovation category.”

Glyn Jones – Business Partnership Manager – Healthcare Business Connect Lancashire
Health Engagement and Innovation Team (HEIT) – Faculty of Health and Medicine, Lancaster University