Customer Insight

“I am spending the vast majority of my time fire-fighting rather than running and growing my business, because we don’t have a system in place that will deal with hygienic cleaning efficiently and to a high standard.”

“I have a constant concern that if we are audited, we wouldn’t be able to prove the cleanliness of our kit.”

“Hygiene standards should be upheld, but not at all costs or I will go out of business.”
These are questions asked by a lot of our customers before they find us… could this be you?


“The training and app based software has empowered us to carry out the IPC cleaning we have been employed to do”
– TASL Cleaning Staff

“Having ClearTrace manage all the staff and assets scheduling has freed me to focus on other activities”
– IPC Manager – North, TASL

“The service contracted an external provider to deep clean all vehicles. This was done on a four to six weekly basis. A swab of each vehicle was taken before and after each deep clean to measure the number of bacteria present. The external provider used checklists to monitor compliance with each stage of the cleaning process. Records indicated that the number of bacteria in each vehicle had reduced significantly since this process had started and were within acceptable ranges. An ad-hoc deep cleaning service was also available if needed”
CQC Inspection – Date of inspection 10th and 11th July 2017, Published 19th September 2017


“Whilst working with a large provider of healthcare services l witnessed the development of the ClearTrace Compliance Software. This provides, live real-time data to health care providers on the audit, monitoring and management of vehicle and equipment cleaning.”

“This innovative development enables healthcare providers at the push of a button to access data to monitor compliance against IPC standards to provide independent evidence to regulators and commissioners. The system is easy to Operate and robust in terms of the integrity of the data provided.”

“Having been involved in the NHS for over thirty years it is so encouraging to see a product which is cost effective simple to use and reduces the need to complete lots of paperwork to gain the independent assurance we need. The system also has the potential to link into other data used by healthcare providers such as fleet and staff records.”

“Well done ClearTrace for your vision and commitment in the development of such an important product for the industry.”
– Hayden Newton, QAM


“Lancaster University’s Healthcare Business Connect (HBCL) Programme has worked with Adam Murfitt and ClearTrace for the last 6 months. In that time we have found ClearTrace to be an innovative and forward thinking organisation led with determination and passion by Adam.”

“Their integration of training, cleaning agents, detection and mobile monitoring systems provides the managers at their clients with a dashboard to monitor, with unprecedented accuracy, the infection control status of their fleet or machinery.”

“This ‘Beyond Clean’ approach will ensure[ a reduction in care setting acquired infection saving both money and lives. We have no hesitation in recommending them for an Award in the Patient Safety Innovation category.”
Glyn Jones, Business Partnership Manager – Healthcare Business Connect Lancashire, Health Engagement and Innovation Team (HEIT), Faculty of Health and Medicine, Lancaster University